Pardo patented Type SM wall bed mechanisms from Selby Furniture Hardware have been the leading choice of casework professionals for nearly 30 years. Selby wall bed mechanisms offer the most advanced features for the builder and the safest design features for the end user. No other brand offers the number of choices, the safety and the flexibility in bed mechanisms that is available from Selby furniture Hardware. The Pardo Mechanism is enclosed in a 12Ga. housing and there are no exposed springs to fly around a bedroom and no leaky high pressure gas pistons to explode or fail. The Type SM mechanism kits are not intended for the DIY hobbyist and are sold exclusively for fabrication and installation by trade professionals.
Selby TYPE SM Hardware is available for beds that open vertically and beds that open horizontally. The SM hardware is also available for concealed mounting on the inside of the bed frame or for exposed mounting on the outside of the bed frame. Mechanisms sized and tuned for all standard North American mattress sizes are available from local distributor stock throughout all of North America and from our Bronx, NY or Montreal, Canada warehouses. Please review the following pre construction information and specify the mechanism of your choice.
Choose Mechanisms that can be concealed or exposed in or on the bed frame and sized and tuned for vertical or horizontal opening .
1.) Determine bed size and mechanism type, concealed or exposed, and weight capacity

2.) Select 3/4” inch plywood or lumber species to be used for cabinetry construction.

3.) Construct a wall cabinet (may be a two pier and bridge design) to later be firmly attached to a structurally sound wall. See drawings and specifications on the following pages. Cabinet dimensions follow in this publication.

4.) Design and build a platform, bed frame & front panel door assembly, for the wall cabinet. A foundation consisting of a commercial “inner spring” set, a frame and Bunkie board foundation or a custom made foundation of slats & cleats may be employed. Feel free to contact Selby Tech support with questions.

5.) SM Mechanisms are supplied with two legs that require a wooden cross bar. The fabricator will cut and finish the bar to match the door face in species and color

6.) We recommend a flush inset door panel that will “swing” into the cabinet at the bottom when activating the platform.

7.) Complete the wall cabinet with a door stop and door catch(s) (double ball or equal) to maintain a flush inset condition even on a structural wall that is not plumb. Lighting with a positive “off”, sliding shelves and other accessories may also be added.

8.) Fit the wall bed with accessories such as a head board, lights and pull out shelves as needed.

9.) Install and adjust the wall bed as detailed on the following pages.

10.) Adjust Allen screws in the square axel of the mechanism to register the door panel in the cabinet opening.

Mechanisms to activate vertical and/or horizontal descending beds ARE NOT interchangeable

Shallow Wall Cabinets to 6" depth are possible but limited by mattress thickness.  Contact our technical support team for solutions.
Overview and Planning a Wall Bed Project
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#2633LEDBED - Automatic on/off Light Kit
Simple plug in connecters see Catalog Page 4
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