Fold away sleep systems with metal frames
European style Wall Bed Systems with steel frames and formed beech slat foundations that simplify fabrication and insure restful sleep 

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Vertically Descending Wall Bed Mechanism

Selby Wall Bed Hardware is designed and manufactured to be safe and reliable. The working parts that power the counter balance mechanism are safely enclosed in a 12 gauge Steel sleeve. Reports of Selby wall beds in service for nearly 30 years are common. All components and parts of our Pardo system are designed and produced in Europe, exclusively for their designated purpose. Selby’s wall bed mechanisms retain their ability to counter the heavy weight of a wall bed platform for life, and the tension can be adjusted for changes in construction materials, replacement mattresses, or seasonal bedding. Platform elevator screws allow for perfect alignment and leveling of platform doors and door reveals.

  • Convenient space saving system
  • Perfect for the primary or secondary bedroom
  • Less expensive than a room addition
  • Easy screw-type tension adjustment
  • Door leveling and reveal adjustment
  • Five year limited warranty against manufacturing defects
  • European made, endorsed by the trade
  • Vertical opening and horizontal opening models
  • Adjustable Tension for finger tip operation
  • Concealed mechanism systems save an additional 3.4" of wall space
  • Adjust to accommodate various construction materials or mattress and seasonal bedding changes
Part # Suggested Bed SIze Lbs / Kg * Mount
XSMVO3950I Twin/Single 110/50 Concealed
XSMVO3950X Twin/Single 110/50 Exposed
XSMVO5475I Double/Full 165/75 Concealed
XSMVO5475X Double/Full 165/75 Exposed
XSMVO54110I Queen 240/110 Concealed
XSMVO54110X Queen 240/110 Exposed
XWRENCH For adjusting bed tension (sold separately)


Horizontally Descending Platform Bed mechanism

Our patented, world famous wall bed system has been saving space in homes and offices, hotels, hospitals, and fire stations for 35 years. The horizontal or side opening wall bed is perfect for rooms that have limited space for bed projection. Available in kit form, all moving parts are encased in a 12Ga. steel sleeve. No exposed springs to break and fly around the room, no pistons to fail. Each mechanism undergoes open-close testing of 10,000 cycles to ensure quality and comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Outstanding Comfort.

The range of Horizontal mechanisms will accommodate all standard mattresses and platform weights from 110 pound to 165 pounds. All mechanisms are easily adjustable to accommodate different construction materials, mattresses and seasonal bedding changes as well as door leveling with the turn of a screw. Choose from mechanisms for concealed mounting inside the bed frame or on the outside of the bed frame for easy access.


Part # Lbs / Kg * Mount
XSMHO90I 110 / 50 Concealed
XSMHO90X 110 / 50 Exposed
XSMHO140I 165 / 75 Concealed
XSMHO140X 165 / 75 Exposed

Vertically Descending Wall Bed, Auto Foot

Counter-balanced mechanism mounts inside of cabinet, not fastened to the floor of the room. Tension adjustable according to mattress weight. Footboard opens automatically as the bed is lowered. Automatic Footboard opens itself as the bed is lowered. Featherweight-balanced. Easy tension adjustment, easy installation. Flexibility to use plywood panels or your own wooden slats as mattress support.

  • Space-saver! Cabinet from only 14" deep!
  • Self-contained inside cabinet, not bolted to the floor!
  • Four sizes: Single, Double, Queen, and King
  • Vertical or Horizontal opening!
  • Heavy-weight Steel construction for heavy use!
Part # Opening Type Dimensions Lbs / Kg * Bed Size
XCCAVOBT99 Vertical 39" x 75" 110 / 50 Single
XCCAVOBT140 Vertical 54" x 75" 165 / 75 Double
XCCAVOBT150 Vertical 60" x 80" 240 / 110 Queen
XCCAVOBT190 Vertical 78½" x 82½" 240 / 110 King
XCCAHOBT99 Horizontal 39" x 75" 110 / 50 Single
XCCAHOBT140 Horizontal 54" x 75" 165 / 75 Double


Vertically Descending Wall Bed Manual Foot

The bed with the manual foot is designed to have a single, full-height panel door attached to the base of the bed. The panel can be adjusted to ensure uniform door reveals. The door panel may be finished to flat panel, 2 panel, 6 panel, recessed or raised panel designs. The CM Foldaway Bed has an adjustable mechanism for a safe, light and easy lifting action. The leg sits inside the cabinet when folded away, but when in use the leg is manually folded over the foot-end of the door and sits on the underside to support the bed when in the down position.

  • Steel bed frame
  • Flexibility to use plywood panels or your own wooden slats as mattress support
  • Counter-balance springs enclosed in patented adjustable mechanism unit
  • Weightless, safe lifting action
  • Space-saver! Cabinet from only 14" deep!
  • Contemporary European design
  • More convenient than a guest house

This system can be mounted in a cabinet or BETWEEN two cabinets and a bridge. Perfect for closet and modified stock cabinetry.


Part # Opening Type DimensionsLbs / KgBed Size
XCCMVOBT99 Vertical 39" x 75" 110 / 50 Single
XCCMVOBT140 Vertical 54" x 75" 165 / 75 Double
XCCMVOBT150 Vertical 60" x 80" 240 / 110 Queen
XCCMVOBT190 Vertical 78½" x 82½" 240 / 110 King


Descending Bed for Use Behind Bi-Fold Doors

Full Steel frame with premounted TABLOFLEX beech support slats. Mounts to inside sides of cabinet INDEPENDENT OF THE DOORS. Also used in wall recesses and closets. Cabinet depth only 15¾"! Support foot extends AUTOMATICALLY when bed is lowered. Easy to install and use! Excellent sleeping! Complete instructions for cabinetry and mounting. Available for side mounting or floor mounting with “U” shaped support.

Part # Dimensions and Description Bed Size
XCDVNT98 39" x 75" Bed TABLOFLEX Split Twin
XCDVNT138 54" x 75" Bed TABLOFLEX Split Double
XCDVNT150 60" x 80" Bed TABLOFLEX Split Queen
XCEVNT99SPT 39" x 75" Bed TABLOFLEX W/U Support Twin
XCEVNT138 54" x 75" Bed TABLOFLEX W/U Support Double
XCEVNT150 60" x 80" Bed TABLOFLEX W/U Support Queen