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This image showing a mounted pivot mount plate also shows a 6" back frame holding the wall cabinet square. 
A door stop to control the flush inset door location.
A double ball catch at the top of the case will mitigate an out of plumb wall.
All material is 3/4" thick, [Click] to enlarge

Door swings in and down from toe kick location.
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The inside width of the wall cabinet must be 60mm +2/-0 mm more than the width of the bed frame, including the mechanisms if exposed.
A platform may be installed between side cabinets or piers and a bridge that is securely attached to a structural wall or in a single purpose cabinet of proper dimensions
Platform with mechanism mounted on the outside of the bed frame is ready for a commercial foundation or innerspring or a bunky board for direct mattress placement. [Click] image to enlarge 
Platform presents a clean sided bed frame with concealed mechanism and correct insertion of countersunk bushings and machine screws. [Click}image to expand image
Our Pardo Patented counter balance mechanisms are handed, left and right, The power pack of the mechanism is SAFELY enclosed in a 12 Ga. steel case to avoid injury if a spring should break. This mechanism allows for adjustment of tension that permits use with various wood panel products and may be tuned to seasonal bedding weight changes to always ensure easy operation.
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